Manuscript Submissions



Hello! Thank you for considering submitting your work to Deviceful Muse Publishing.

Before you submit, it is important that you familiarize yourself with our list to make sure your work would be a good fit. Please be prepared to write a statement explaining why you feel Deviceful Muse is the perfect publisher for your submitted work.

Please submit only completed manuscripts—no samples, excerpts, proposals.

We will accept submissions for work that is out of print from another publisher.

We also accept poetry submissions.

Our Commitment

Please keep in mind that we try our best to be respectful of both you and your work, and that each and every submission is reviewed and responded to*. However, given the extreme number of submissions that we receive, it is not always possible for us to respond individually to each submission.

We manage all submissions through email:
Current response time (updated May 2019):

Less than 30 days.

[*Although we appreciate you, your work, and your patience, we ask that you please do not use the Contact form to request a status update on a submission; we will not respond to queries made there.]